Video Transfer to DVD                                                                                                                

We will copy from VHS or several other formats to a DVD.  This creates a digital copy that is a higher
quality and will last much longer than VHS tapes.

Video Editing                                                                                                                                

Whether you want to create the video for home or your company, we can provide expert editing.  
Video editing is our specialty and we can add effects, titles, menus and even do voiceovers!

DVD Authoring                                                                                                                             

Big Tex Video Productions will take videos from various sources and combine them into a single
DVD and add titles, menus and chapters.

Home Movie Transfers to DVD                                                                                               

We understand the what home videos mean to you so we take this service seriously.  We’ll take
standard 8mm and super 8mm tapes and transfer them to DVD and add titles and a menu.

Photo and Slide Transfers to DVD                                                                                        

Big Tex Video Productions will take your family photos and slides and transfer them to a DVD.  We’ll
provide background music of your choosing.

Freelance Videography                                                                                                        

Big Tex Video production provides full service film making services utilizing both HD and SD
cameras.  We have extensive experience creating both short how-to videos and longer feature
length videos.
General Production Services