Sports Scholarship Video Services

In the competitive world of college and professional sports, you have to take advantage of
every opportunity.  If you have a son or daughter who might be competing for an athletic
scholarship, give him or her advantage with our special Sports Scholarship Video Program.

It Simply Gives an Athlete an Edge!

Gather all the video tapes from the past few years and bring them to us.  We will produce a 5
to 15 minute highlight video designed to create interest and excitement about your athlete
from the coaches and athletic directors.

Sports are a big business now, and a full or partial scholarship really helps offset expenses.  
Your Sports Scholarship Video puts your athlete in front of the right people.

Big Tex Video Productions shoot our videos and DVD’s using MiniDV video cameras and
transferred at the highest possible resolution to our computers.  Keeping the entire process
all digital insures that the DVD or video is clear and crisp – never grainy or blurry.  

Once the raw video is transferred to the computers, our editors will edit the video using the
latest technology Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software.  This software allows for many special
effects, transitions and slow motion.  If you want to have Picture-in-Picture, we can
accommodate that as well.   We’ll also be able to put this video to the music of your choice.

What’s Included

The base Sports Scholarship video package includes filming the athlete performing the
Fielding and Defensive Positions
Base Running
Athlete's Biography
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Demonstration Video?

This is a sample of an actual sports scholarship video created by Big Tex Video Productions.
Portions of the video was removed at the athletes request.

Sample Skills Video

If you would like to receive this video on a DVD including all the menus, please let us know.  
We are happy to show you the quality of the final product but will ask for a $20 deposit plus
sales tax.  This deposit will  go toward your video if you decide to shoot it.
What's the next step?

Your next step is to contact Big Tex Video Productions and we'll be happy to send out a
sample Sport Scholarship Video so that you can see the value of a professionally produced
skills video.
College Sports Skills Videos
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