Sport Scholarship Video                                                          Price: $250.00 (Non-Pitching Position)
 $325.00 (Pitching Position)

This price includes coming to your home field, filming the personal introduction and skills part of
the video, editing and authoring the DVD and/or video.  You will receive 5 copies of the video in
either DVD and/or VHS format.  Additional copies will be available for an additional $
9.50 per DVD.
 There is an additional charge for any re-shoots or edits.  If you desire to have more than one
position on the video, there will be an additional charge of $
75.00 per position.

Additional Video Production Services

Highlight Game Videos                                                                                                      Price: $225.00

Big Tex Video Productions will take game videos and edit it down into a highlight video that can be
used as either a team highlight video or a video highlighting a particular player.

Filming Games                                                                                                                      Price: $200.00

Big Tex Video Productions will travel to the game and film the game.  The film is edited with a
menu and titles and provided back to you on DVD.  If the game is more than 25 miles from
downtown Denton, there will be an additional cost.

Freelance Videography                                                                                                        Price: Call

Big Tex Video production provides full service film making services utilizing both HD and SD
cameras.  We have extensive experience creating both short how-to videos and longer feature
length videos.  

Production Services Pricing